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Professional dancers passionate about dance and fashion.


This editorial University project sought cohesiveness within the design and layout when responding to two different designer's styles. The creation was an editorial cover and spread for VOGUE. I chose fashion within ballet
as my concept for this project. 
The cover was created in response
to Tokiaki/Hisa Ide’s style and the double page spread response was inspired by Alexi Brodovitch's style. 


Tokiaki/Hisa Ide’s style for the cover was to use type to enhance the image; I represented this to create arm movement with the ballerina figure. The style also included the title of articles; they had to be in upper case, couldn't be rounded, and must be vertical, horizontal or angled when positioning them in the layout.


For the spread Alexi Brodovitch's style was to Imitate the image through type in essence not copying. For this style justifying type is common and making shapes and curves with type is encouraged. 


Cohesiveness with multiple elements such as unifying images and colour palette in the layout brings together the designer's styles. 

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