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Brand Identity 


Travellers or locals who want a luxury driving experience to enhance their night out. ​


This is a University project that I collaborated with a partner, Erin Torrance, focusing on creating a brand identity for a car2go competitor located in Calgary, Alberta. Our idea was to provide a luxury car rental for customers to enjoy on their night out. We wanted our customers to feel empowered; they would stand-out, turn heads, and be envied when using verve luxury car rentals.

One feature that would differentiate verve from other car rental companies was a short term (even hourly) transportation service of a luxury car. For example, renting a luxury Porsche Macan Turbo for an evening destination in downtown Calgary.

Discovering the concept and name, verve, was perfectly collaborative, and made our independent contributions flow nicely. We wanted luxury to merge with energy and verve hit that mark. The logo reinforces this with a strong but minimalist design, that implies speed and prestige. The air freshener is one of many possibilities that creates a feeling of richness within a user's experience on their evening out.

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