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graphic design

Graphic design is not just aesthetics, it is the product of detailed research and steered by the design process; creating a strong connection between the organization and potential customer. One of the most important qualities of design is to capture a story about the organization’s beliefs and values to create trust in the customer.


An engaging advertising campaign communicates
a comprehensive story into a media experience that connects with the consumer on an emotional level, creating engagement. An effective campaign needs to translate through each form of media used within the campaign. 

brand identity 

When designing a brand Identity; thoughtful analysis of the company; investigating what is unique about them, (their history or community spirit); and spotlighting this for the consumer can influence their shopping patterns. The brand identity should be consistent from your business card to your merchandising, consumer facing products and services, without losing elements within the design. A strong logo/wordmark leads to brand recognition  representing the company's beliefs and values, and is a sign of a successful brand identity. 

package design

A strong package design offers emotional connection to the consumer throughout the full product lifecycle. The package should convey the brand's identity to the targeted audience. Differentiation through shape, colour, scale or texture will help the product to stand out and enhance the user experience. Thoughtful  package design must consider protecting the environment through circular design.

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